Bad Suns Don “Baby Blue Shades” in Upbeat New Single

California alt-rockers Bad Suns dropped their third track of the calendar year on Monday, September 28. “Baby Blue Shades” was debuted live during the band’s live streamed performance of Language & Perspective, their breakout record over the weekend.

For a band whose projects carry no under-card songs, “Baby Blue Shades” is par-for-the-course. Opening on an infectious, upbeat bassline swathed in a mesmerizing glamour, by way of a healthy dosage of potentially ad-libbed instrumentation, “Baby Blue Shades” will have you humming absentmindedly all day upon exposure. And we aren’t mad about it.

Frontman Christo Bowman said of the track, “‘Baby Blue Shades’ was one of those songs sent from the cosmos without a moment’s warning. Extracted from a feeling of helplessness and desperation, following hours of unfruitful labor, the music came right to my hands and out of my mouth in a flash, along with a sense of euphoria. That cycle of emotions is exactly what you hear in this song.”

Bad Suns’ uniquely catchy sound is the driving force in “Baby Blue Shades,” which bodes well for the album it may appear on, whenever it arrives. Unambiguous guitar pop that gets your feet tapping has been the name of the game for the quartet — and it has been effective through their three albums to date.

Having garnered more than 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, Bad Suns is nicely set up for when touring music becomes a reality again. With two highly successful tours in 2019, suffice to assume they are chomping at the bit to get back out on the road and share these new tracks.

Featured Image: Instagram (@badsuns)