Dead Poets Society ".InTooDeep."

Dead Poet Society Make A Rocking Record Label Debut With “.InTooDeep.”

If you don’t know who Dead Poet Society are, now is a great time to change that. The LA-based band just signed to Spinefarm Records and dropped their record debut. “.InTooDeep.” is a fast-paced, yet emotionally-charged track that keeps the energy for both new and old fans. Dead Poet Society is a quartet that amassed quite the online following and toured with the likes of fellow rockers like Badflower and Weathers. With a new album on the horizon, hopefully “.InTooDeep.” can tide us over for now.


Lyrically, “.InTooDeep.” starts with a gut punch. Vocalist, Jack Underkofler, hits us with the realness of getting by while everyone around you seems to be living their best lives. Ultimately, it’s a track about how chasing your dreams can be messy. Maybe we aren’t on the easiest path now, but that’s fine. Sure, we’re in too deep with our current situation. However, the chance of things working out keeps us going. That chaotic feeling is captured so well.

Sonically, Dead Poet Society truly know how to bring the energy. With the steady beat of Will Goodroad on drums and Dyland Brenner on bass, there is a backing power to the song. Then, heavy guitar riffs come from Jack Collins and Jack Underkofler. We’re simply head-banging through the pain of uncertain times. The DPS boys have mastered this track artfully to keep the energy of the instrumentation matched with that of Jack’s vocals. It’s a crisp combo of raw and produced; a piece of art, if you will.

Spinefarm Records made a great decision signing Dead Poet Society. The quartet knows how to bring energy to listeners’ ears. Hopefully, they’ll be able to bring that energy to the stage soon enough, too. Regardless, if this is the group’s debut track, we can’t wait to see what Dead Poet Society has in store for the rest of the album. Until then, add “.InTooDeep.” to your playlist for some fun energy this fall.

Featured Image: Spinefarm Records

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