Halsey Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane in “929” Music Video

On Monday, Halsey told her fans that she would be celebrating her birthday by surprising us the whole week! Of course, her first surprise did not disappoint. This Tuesday, the singer-songwriter released a music video for her song “929,” a fan-favorite track off her latest album Manic.

Another surprise Halsey shared with her fans is that we can now listen to the platinum version of Manic in streaming services. This version includes the two previously exclusive tracks “I’m Not Mad” and “Wipe Your Tears,” as well as unreleased and stripped versions of some songs.

Overall, Manic is a very personal and emotional album, but “929” is even more special because it feels like an open letter to Halsey’s fans. In the track, she takes off her armor and sings about her feelings in the rawest way possible. The lyrics reflect Halsey’s relationships with other people, her fight with self-esteem, and the connection she shares with her fans.

One of the most important lyrics in “929” is “I remember the names of every single kid I’ve met.” In an interview with Glamour magazine in 2019, Halsey stated that watching her dad, a car salesman, remember details about old customers’ lives “…affected me as an artist tremendously. I have met tens of thousands of fans; I don’t forget any of them. Ever.” This is a clear example of the intimate bond that Halsey has with her fans, something not many artists achieve.

The “929” music video compiles home movies from when Halsey was a child and footage of her concerts and meetings with fans. Also, we can see important moments in her career, such as when she signed her contract with Capitol Records. The video takes place in a child’s bedroom, and it has the same aesthetic as Halsey’s “Graveyard” music video.

We can’t help but get emotional over “929,” and we are very excited to see the other surprises Halsey has in store for us. We hope she had an amazing 26th birthday and that she continues to celebrate many more! Watch the music video for “929” below:

Featured Image: Capitol Records

Kenly Campos

Costa Rica