Maude Latour Shines in Most Daring Track Yet, “Block Your Number”

Maude Latour, Columbia student by day and pop songstress by night, has released her newest single titled “Block Your Number.” It follows two tracks previously released in 2020, “Furniture” and “One More Weekend.” In 2019, she released her first EP, a project titled Starsick. In this new track, Maude’s storytelling is deeper and any hesitation is thrown away. She also debuts her most experimental production yet, making this track one of the most memorable releases of the year.

If you follow Maude on social media, you’ll experience her openness as she releases music. “Block Your Number” feels like her most personal track to date, partly due to the way she debuted it to her fans. She posted acoustic snippets of the track, teased it for weeks saying how excited and nervous she was, and even held a Zoom party to play the track for fans before it was released. It’s safe to say the expectations were high, but Maude surely delivered.

There are tons of musical influences to be found in “Block Your Number.” As described by Maude herself, it’s Regina Spektor, The Strokes, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, 100 gecs, Lorde, Avril Lavigne and Joni Mitchell all wrapped up in one track. Naturally, combining all of these sounds into one track sounds busy and not easy to consume. And that’s exactly what “Block Your Number” is, but it works perfectly.

The track goes through many phases, it feels like a rollercoaster of emotions. But, that’s exactly what happened in the story Maude is telling through her lyrics. “Block Your Number” starts with a little spoken line, “It’s always best at the beginning”, as the intro. It’s clearly Lorde inspired, sounding like something right off of Melodrama (specifically the “Go back and tell ‘em” at the beginning of “Hard Feelings / Loveless.”)

The first verse begins the story of a school girl crush, very on brand due to Maude’s current enrollment at Columbia University. Mentions of bus stops and annotating Greek tragedies set the scene of the story about to unfold. The pre-chorus is where the production starts to capture your attention, with a buildup unlike anything in Maude’s previous songs. There are so many details and moving parts that it runs the risk of sounding too busy, but it only adds to the lyrical content of Maude’s rambling and overthinking.

When the buildup reaches its peak, the chorus explodes into pure 2000’s rock. During this section, Maude’s vocals standout immensely. She’s not afraid to use different vocal inflections that sound weird and funky, but work perfectly with the tone of the song. Many lyrics in “Block Your Number” are reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s songwriting, “I watch our lives untangle” being one of the standout lines. Maude brings in one of the biggest aspects of Gen Z relationships, technology, in one of the most clever lyrics: “The irony of poor connection as we talk over FaceTime // What a metaphor.”

The rest of the song follows the same pattern of the pre-chorus buildup and the wild rock chorus, which prevents it from being messy or confusing. Blending such different sounds can be hard, but if done right like “Block Your Number,” it’s extremely satisfying and fun.

One of the best parts about this track is Maude’s excitement in releasing it and following up with fans to gage opinions and fan-girl together. It always adds an extra layer to a song when you can tell the artist is proud of it and as excited as the listeners.

“Block Your Number” tells such a specific story, but still makes it relatable on a wide scale. The energy is electric, the lyrics are heartbreaking but clever, and the production is unique in so many ways. If Maude Latour isn’t on your radar, this track is sure to change that.

Featured Image: Instagram (@maudelstatus)