Meet Violet Night And Their Latest Revelation Of Emotions, A N T I H E R O E S

“The artists that resonate and stand out are the ones who conduct themselves with absolute authenticity. This is how we run things,” Violet Night frontman Conner Pohl illustrates.

For an upcoming band from Toronto, Ontario, the trio has a good sense of where they’re going. Pieced together by vocalist/guitarist Pohl, keyboardist T.J. Rounthwaite and drummer Tay Ewart. Their discography is very unique and authentic. The Canadian natives lean more into atmospheric rock and have been compared to Glass Animals, Anberlin and Boston Manor.

Their sophomore album A N T I H E R O E S was released September 25 as a follow up to Colours of You (2018). Bouncing ideas off each other is a vital part of the creative process. There are no set rolls when it comes to writing, but it typically starts with the skeleton (lyrics, melodies, structure and chords) written by Pohl. Out of 80 songs, he narrowed it down to the best nine.

Then demos are then sent to Rounthwaite and Ewart. “We try to get the song to be as good as it can possibly be from a writing stand point before we consider adding in post production,” explains Pohl. “If the song is great when there is nothing but a guitar and vocal – it’s going to be incredible when you add in everyone else’s contribution.” It took two years to complete and was written in sections with three different producers, Randor Lin and Robbie Townsend on the first five songs and Sam Guiana on the last four.

Anything that lights a fire in them is used as inspiration. Listener’s can expect an honest revelation of emotions in each track. He continues “from longing and being sad, to feeling like a badass who’s got a bit of an edge. We all have these moments . . . It has to be genuine or the song just feels fake to me. If I don’t say what I’m saying with conviction, is there any point in saying it?”

A N T I H E R O E S is a measure of growth for Violet Night. The accompanying singles “Hate Me” and “Freak Me Up” take on a heavier approach compared to the rest of their discography. “[This sound is] definitely something we will explore more. In all honesty, we were very surprised at the extremely positive reaction ‘Hate Me’ received.” It’s a song you can’t not love honestly.

Multiple tracks landed in the “Rock Hard,” “New Noise” and “All New Rock” Spotify playlists. Speaking on the recent success, Pohl boasts, “I think this cycle will open a ton of doors. A N T I H E R O E S is a very versatile record, and dare I say, it’s a very good record. (I’m proud of us, and I’m not ashamed of what we’ve done here).” Nothing wrong with being confident in what you put hard work into! Between the aforementioned hard hitters, and more pop tracks like “evergreen” and “stay golden; we’re all the same in the dark,” Violet Night reaches a wide audience.

Since Pohl writes with a genuine hand, he’s a big believer in letting the audience create their own relationship with a song. For “(if) you are the ocean (then) i would like to drown?,” Pohl suggests to “dive deep, but wear a life jacket” when defining your meaning. “Evergreen” is smooth and carries the listener away on a nostalgic trip. It was actually inspired by the title of the film, “The Place Beyond The Pines,” and the mental imagery it painted for Pohl. Yet, he’s never seen it!

On their last album cycle for Colours of You, they had a successful US and Canadian run. The band is very eager to travel, meet more fans and tour like never before! They have their eyes set on Europe, specifically the UK. Canada and the US are constants and definitely will be toured. You can catch Violet Night’s new album A N T I H E R O E S, out now on Spotify.

Featured Image: Dylan Gould