SuperM Reach New Heights With Super One LP

SuperM is back with their monster full-length album Super One. Less than a year after releasing their debut EP, SuperM — which landed at the top of the Billboard 200 — the group embarked on a world tour. With the release of Super One, they give new meaning to their self-proclaimed title of the “Avengers of K-pop.”

The title single “One (Monster & Infinity)” is a hybrid of the two tracks: “Monster” and “Infinity.” This concept isn’t unfimiliar to Taemin as SHINee‘s single, “Sherlock,” blended “Clue” and “Note.”

The trap and dubstep-infused track is a powerful opener as the supergroup speaks about their unlimited potential.

“No games // Watch me deliver every time // Catch me in the latest // Driving spaceships,” they sing on the chorus.

The futuristic music video has visuals and dancing that’s nothing short of classic and powerful. Make sure you watch past the end as it contains an extra feature — just like Marvel movies with their well-known post-credits scenes. Did we mention that they also have a collaboration with Marvel?

We love the trio of “One,” “Infinity” and “Monster,” but definitely prefer the absolute high-energy track that is “Infinity.”

The previously released singles, “100” and “Tiger Inside,” exude the same kind of buzz and confidence.

While much of the album is high-energy, there are more relaxing songs that were influenced by the ongoing pandemic, like “Wish You Were Here,” “Better Days” and “Together at Home.”

The extremely infectious “Wish You Were Here,” has us all wanting to meet up together again.

“Better Days” is SuperM’s first ballad, and it’s so inspirational that we almost mistook it for a gospel holiday jam. We are loving the vocals on this tune, especially from Ten, Kai and Taemin.

“I know that it feels like the world is falling down // And you can’t make it through // There’s gonna be better days // Around the corner, it’s true,” they sing.

“Together at Home” was co-written by Mark and Taeyong, and it’ll have you dancing for a long time.

“Dangerous Woman” was first performed on their tour, and now we finally have a studio version. Look at it as the cohort to Ariana Grande’s song of the same title. Whatever side you’re on, both are fun and sensual.

The group starts to wrap things up with the R&B vibes of “Step Up” and “So Long.”

The long-awaited studio version of “With You” is the perfect conclusion to the new album. Fans have heard this song performed multiple times, including on tour.

Although we’ll always be jumping and popping, the septet certainly takes things to a new level on these 15 new tracks. They shine as individuals, but as a supergroup, they are nothing short of superheroes.

Featured Image: Capitol Records/SM Entertainment