Eric Church "Hell of a View"

Rebellious Love Takes Form in Eric Church’s “Hell of a View”

Country music singer Eric Church has released his latest single, “Hell of a View,” and it is the perfect rebel love song. Church has had a number of songs released over the summer and into this fall off of his upcoming album. “Hell of a View” takes on young, unrequited love in its purest form — full of risk and rebellion and escaping the ordinary.


Eric Church is well known for the heavy imagery in his songs so it is no surprise that the lyrics take you to a completely different time and place. It isn’t one of Church’s most upbeat songs, but it takes on a more acoustic sound — making it easy to take a step back and reimagine young love as the lyrics guide you through the track.

The opening lyrics set the stage for the song: “I was no daddy’s dream // Was not your mama’s prayer // But I was your first and your // Last ticket outta there.” However, the song truly hits its climax when the chorus comes around, with Church singing, “This ain’t for everybody // Toes hanging off the ledge // Like we got nothin’ to lose // Ain’t always heaven, baby // This livin’ on the edge // You holdin’ me holdin’ you // It’s a hell of a view” which takes fans back to young love.

Fans are excited about all of the new music from Church, and this song certainly isn’t excluded from that. There is no doubt that “Hell of a View” will be an absolute hit on country music radio. And on top of that, Church is far from done releasing new songs — his latest album will include 28 songs that he wrote in just 28 days, so there is plenty to music to go around. Check out Church’s lastest single and experience young love again with, “Hell of a View” here:

Featured Image: Capitol Records Nashville

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