YelloPain "My Vote Will Count"

YelloPain Covers Important Election Information in “My Vote Will Count”

With the upcoming presidential election, many celebrities and musicians are encouraging their audience to make a plan to vote. But, up and coming rapper, YelloPain is taking it a step further. His recent song, “My Vote Will Count,” featuring Sevyn Streeter, strives to educate listeners about voting in a more impactful way.

“My Vote Will Count” is a follow-up track to YelloPain’s previously released song, “My Vote Don’t Count.” After being educated about local government and implementing more strategic voting habits by a family member, the Ohio native rewrote the song in a more optimistic light. During the chorus, Sevyn Streeter sings “Don’t let ‘em tell you that your vote don’t count,” which empowers those who related to the discouraging nature of the original version of the song.


The first verse of the track brings listeners back to middle school, when we learned about the three branches of government, to stress the importance of a strong foundation and understanding of why voting matters. Throughout the song, YelloPain stresses the importance of voting for congressional elections in addition to the presidential ones.

In a hip-hop song with an educational message like this, it’s crucial for the lyrics to be easy to understand and absorb. YelloPain’s rapping style and diction work perfectly, making sure that listeners comprehend the important information he’s relaying. In addition to the track being informative, his flow is great and Sevyn Streeter’s vocals are beautiful.

“My Vote Will Count” has been circulating the internet and gaining praise due to its important message during such a historical election season. YelloPain’s effort to educate those who feel hopeless, insignificant and like their government doesn’t care about them is extremely relevant in this unprecedented time. It’s a great song, with an even greater message for those who listen.

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