Long-Awaited Bryson Tiller Record Anniversary Has Arrived

Exactly five years from day his career defining debut record Trapsoul met the world, platinum selling Kentucky R&B singer Bryson Tiller dropped his third studio album, Anniversary, a direct follow-up to the former. Trapsoul served as the soundtrack for our fall of 2015, and this new project looks to do the same, but for a new era.

Most notably, the album covers are similar, except inverted, signaling a return to the vibes that got Tiller notoriety early in his career. In TRAPSOUL’s cover, then 22 year old Tiller is facing right, with a red hue enveloping him. On Anniversary’s cover art, he faces left, the hue is blue, and he is wearing a backwards hat.

The record sees Tiller comfortably straddle the line between singing and rapping, similar to an early co-signer and the only featured artist on Anniversary, Drake. Tiller’s vocal versatility with exceptional flows are on display, especially in the poll position track “Years Go By.”

The standout track of the project, “I’m Ready For You,” rolls in at number three on the track list. Tiller shows flashes of production greatness, reducing constant gain on the ad lib, letting it overtake the lyrical verse throughout. A stellar experimental maneuver that was stunningly successful.

Anniversary is ten tracks of nostalgia on account of Tiller finding his way back to his signature sound after experimenting heavily with 90s samples on 2017’s True To Self album. Counter to Trapsoul’s cockiness, he comes off as vulnerable and deep, vociferously delving into relationship troubles and lost love throughout.

Tiller dedicated the album to his late grandmother, following her request of using the title “Keep Doing What You’re Doing” for one of the tracks, which ended up being the ninth on Anniversary’s track list.

Promotionally, Tiller released a deluxe edition of his first album, Trapsoul a week out from Anniverary’s drop, featuring four new tracks, including “Rambo (Last Blood),” in which The Weeknd lends his voice to. The new tracks garnered over 4.4 millions Spotify streams in the week following their release. As of the time we’re publishing this, Tiller stands as the 323rd most listened to artist on Spotify, with nearly 12 million unique monthly listeners on the streaming platform.

With Anniversary hitting #1 on Apple Music over the weekend, suffice to say fans are happy to have the old Bryson Tiller back!