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5 Most Stellar Music Videos From Marina Diamandis

Ever since 2018, Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis ditched her prior stage name, Marina and the Diamonds, and turned a new page in her music journey. Starting fresh and going by her real name gave the artist different freedoms in her work that felt distinct from what she created with Marina and the Diamonds. Yet, that’s not to say Marina and the Diamonds wasn’t great. Most of our youth and tumultuous teenage years featured a handful of her songs as the main soundtrack to our lives (peep “How to be a Heartbreaker”).

This also includes punchy and vibrant music videos from this era in her career. It’s been incredible to see her go from a small club-venue act to an artist that’s accrued almost 3 million followers. And, through it all, it’s been her breathtaking visual perspective that keeps us coming back to that Marina and the Diamonds era years later. In honor of the pop star’s 34th birthday, we’ve chosen our top five Marina and the Diamonds music videos to celebrate. Click through to check them out.

Featured Image: Instagram (@marinadiamandis)