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Don’t Let Little Mix’s “Not A Pop Song” Fool You — It Is One

Little Mix has been on fire this year when it comes to releasing new single. In the past couple of months, the girl group has dropped three new singles and teased a studio album titled Confetti. Their new track, “Not A Pop Song,” is about pushing off the stigma that comes with being a female group — and they even take shots at their former label head Simon Cowell.

The single was first teased backed in March 2020 when Jade posted a video from the studio. It it, the song’s pre-chorus was playing in the background. The group has also been dropping hints about the single, even tweeting back fans with lyrics to the song.

In the pre-chorus, Leigh-Anne mentions Cowell. “I don’t do what Simon says,” she sings in reference to how the music mogul often took credit for Little Mix’s success. With this track, the group focuses on moving on from past relationships and the toxic aspects of their career that led to their success. And contradictory to the song’s title, it is a pop song, and one in which all four members’ vocals shine.


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Featured Image: RCA Records

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