Travel Back in Time with Baby Rexha and Doja Cat in “Baby, I’m Jealous”

Do you ever wish to know how it would feel like to be a girl in the 1800s? Don’t worry because you aren’t alone. Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat both wish the same and actually live it in their new music video, “Baby, I’m Jealous.” Rexha decided to release her new hit featuring Doja Cat on October 9 on all music platforms along with a music video.

The music video has us shook with who is featured in it. Our personal favorites, Charli D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg are all featured in the beginning of the music video! They are all huddled around a dining table in a Chinese Restaurant. Bebe finds her “boyfriend” liking other girl’s posts and wishes that she was living in another era. This leads to a banter between Doja Cat and D’Amelio. “You’d probably die from dysentery,” replies Doja Cat. “Bebe, you’re 31 so you’d probably be dead by now,” smirks D’Amelio. Then Rexha is given a fortune cookie which makes her wish come true.

She then disappears into thin air and travels to London in 1969. She is dressed in pop colors and her iconic red hair. Then she travels somewhere in the 1800s where she is seen wearing a pink english dress and ballroom dancing with others surrounding her. Lastly, she transforms into a cavewoman (still rocking her look!) and is surrounded by other cavemen.

Then, Doja Cat and Rexha are seen in a jungle, covered with leaves while Doja Cat seamlessly delivers her verse. Just check out their cute outfits!

Check out the music video down below to see all of your favorite singers and influencers down below!

Featured Image: Instagram (@beberexha)