Parson James Gets Vulnerable About Love in New Single “High Tide, Low Tide”

Southern-born rising artist Parson James should be on your radar with his newest single “High Tide, Low Tide.” It’s a track that will stay stuck in your head for days because of its infectious melody and high energy. It’s also a great representation of Parson as an artist and matches his personality to a T.

You might recognize Parson’s breathtaking voice from his 2016 hit, “Stole the Show” with Norwegian DJ Kygo. “High Tide, Low Tide” serves as the perfect reintroduction of Parson to the world. From his signature white hat on the cover to the stunning ocean-themed artwork, you really get a sense of who Parson is. The track is relatable for anyone who has experienced a relationship with tons of ups and downs. Parson is vulnerable and honest, making the song unique in many ways.

The track begins with the chorus and a focus on Parson’s vocals. A heavy drum element helps pick up the pace before the first verse begins, which places an emphasis on one of the most memorable lyrics: “My empathy is killing me.” There are many other sonic choices throughout the song, like trumpets that bring the energy up as well as a funky guitar outro to close out the track. Another noteworthy element are the beautiful background vocals and choir influences that come from the help of female vocalists Bonnie McKee and Érica Silva.

Parson sings about losing sleep because of someone else’s problems, which is common when you’re in love. The idea of being caught in someone’s tide, which goes from high to low all day long, is a perfect metaphor for the feeling of being in love with someone who’s struggling in life. “High Tide, Low Tide” is another incredible song born out of quarantine, which makes completely sense when you listen to the lyrical content. Many people can currently relate to taking on the weight of someone else’s issues. Parson makes it sound so beautiful, despite his complete awareness of how the emotional burden might negatively affect him. The ocean metaphors throughout the track elevate the energy and showcase Parson’s creativity, such as, “I know you love the ocean but I’m on another wave // Swimmin’ through emotions, everytime you come to me.”

Overall, “High Tide, Low Tide” is a sign of the times that avoids being too melancholy despite its lyrical content. Parson reveals his personality in this track, someone who takes love seriously but still wants to enjoy the wave. Sonic elements and ocean metaphors make the song super fun to listen to, while the authentic nature of the lyrics resonates on a deeper level. With a track as great as this one, we can’t wait to see what’s next from Parson James.

Featured Image: 12Tone Music