Irish singer Erica Cody Unveils New Single “Calculated” With Hare Squead

The Irish music scene is rapidly becoming one of the most diverse and interesting in the world. With more and more artists adopting less traditional genres like pop and R&B, the sound of the Irish is now far more textured than the strum of acoustic guitars. Glittery pop, heavy rock, and stunning R&B are just some of the sounds dominating the Irish airwaves and capturing the minds of Irish creatives. Among them is Erica Cody, an Irish-American from Dublin, whose debut EP Leoness established her as one of Ireland’s brightest stars. With the release of her new single, ‘Calculated,’ Cody cements that status.

Built around a lazily throbbing beat, and gorgeous backing vocals, “Calculated” is a gorgeous R&B track about “a toxic relationship and knowing your worth.” Written by Cody along with Lilo Blues, the track delivers scorching lyrics over the slick production: “I could air your shit / write it out in white and black / heard it before / what could I gain from that.” Cody’s vocals are to die for here, perfectly matching the production and capturing the frustration of the lyrics. Irish duo Hare Squead join Cody on the track, providing a perfect guest verse, capturing the vibe of the track, and running with it.

“Calculated” marks Erica Cody’s first solo release since her 2019 EP Leoness, which featured tracks “Good Intentions” and “Over & Over.” Speaking about the track on Instagram, Cody thanked her fans and her team: “Thank you for being patient with me and to my amazing team and everyone who got involved.” Cody has been busy since Leoness, featuring on the collaborative project Irish Women in Harmony, whose cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams” raised €250,000 for Safe Ireland, an Irish charity group who offer support to victims of domestic abuse. Cody has also been actively fighting for the Black Lives Matter movement, speaking candidly about her experience with racism in Ireland on her social media, while also being involved in the Dublin march for the movement earlier this year.

Featured Image: Twitter (@ItsEricaCody)