A Rapper’s Legacy: Eminem’s 5 Most Underrated Songs

4. “Walk on Water” (featuring Beyoncé)

In this song, Eminem looks back on his career and success. He acknowledges that he is not as popular as he used to be, but that does not mean that he became a bad writer. In fact, he makes some of his best rhymes in “Walk on Water.” The artist questions why some people look up to him as if he was some kind of deity when he is just a regular person. Nevertheless, he knows that his abilities are greater than most’s.

Definitely, the best part of the song comes at the end as Eminem sings: “‘Cause I’m just a man, but as long as I got a mic, I’m godlike, so me and you are not alike. B*tch, I wrote ‘Stan.’” In this verse, Eminem shows off one of his greatest hits, “Stan,” one that even made it to the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

Regarding Beyoncé’s collaboration, Eminem explained that he had been expecting the right moment to work together: “Beyoncé is amazing! Everything she does is so perfect… But I never really had a song that I felt like would be right to present to her. So, I was kinda waiting… I felt like she could probably relate to [‘Walk on Water’].” Even though many believed that this collaboration was unusual, Beyoncé’s powerful voice and passion truly complement the song.

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