seventeen semicolon album

Bask in the Youth With Seventeen’s Special Album ; [Semicolon]

seventeen semicolon album
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Carats, take a break and bask in the youth that is Seventeen’s newly-released special album ; [Semicolon]. If you enjoyed the uplifting and positive vibes of their last mini-album Heng:garæ, then ; [Semicolon] is another knock out of the park.

Following in the record-breaking footsteps of Heng:garæ, Semicolon has surpassed more than 1.1 million pre-sale orders.

Semicolon expands on the overarching theme of a “Journey of Youth,” from their last release with a fresh take: “Take a break and live in the youth!”

“Using the punctuation ‘Semicolon,’ we want this album to deliver a message of taking a moment for a brief breath to the young generation who run restlessly,” said Jeonghan of the unique album title in a press release.

All songs are crafted by the in-house team consisting of member Woozi, producers Bumzu and Prismfilter. Many of the members are also credited as co-lyricists.

The retro-funk title track “HOME;RUN,” has comforting words of encouragement, effortlessly delivered through baseball references.

“Hit ’em up // When the ball comes to you // You still have one chance left // Don’t give up,” they sing.

The accompanying music video matches the retro feel as we see the members decked out in classy suits searching for a missing diamond. They search in various places as a pool bar, on a train, and in poker clubs. It’s nothing but fun and games and longtime fans can surely appreciate their dedication.

In addition, the album features four unit tracks notably categorized into the members’ ages and birth year.

The feel-good, synth-pop track “Do Re Mi” is from the group’s youngest members Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino.

The ‘97 line, DK, THE8, and Mingyu take on the jazzy “HEY BUDDY!”

The ‘96 line Jun, Wonwoo, Woozi, and Hoshi deliver latin-flair with “Light a Flame.”

Next, we have the ‘95 line Jeonghan, S.Coups, and Joshua with the smooth and romantic “AH! LOVE.”

Finally, “All My Love,” is a heartwarming closer, as it’s dedicated to a special person that’s always by your side.

Five years strong, the self-producing idol group is still as youthful as they were in their debut days. With Semicolon, they have once again managed to deliver a versatile and meaningful project to reflect their maturity as a group.

; [SEMICOLON] is available on all major streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Pledis Entertainment

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