Paris Hilton wears a glittery bodysuit while appearing in a music video.

Paris Hilton’s Comeback Single “I Blame You” Is Basic Yet Brilliant

The last time we heard a new song from Paris Hilton was way back in 2006, the era that also gave us butterfly hair clips, glitter body spray, oversized Jnco jeans and belts too holey to be functional. A lot has changed since then, nevertheless, Hilton’s ready to throw her hat back into the musical ring once again. Unfortunately, despite being an extremely influential, immediately recognizable superstar who’s responsible for kick-starting some of the 2000s biggest cultural and fashion trends, her comeback single “I Blame You” is uncharacteristically forgettable and basic.

Hilton teamed up with popular DJ and producer Lodato, who’s perhaps best known for his work on Twenty One Pilots’ chart-topping “Heathens” song, but there isn’t much musical magic on “I Blame You.” The track starts off with simple plucky guitar that feels reminiscent of the XX’s older music, particularly their “Angels” track, but it quickly transitions into a club-ready tune. That’s not to knock club music by any means; there’s definitely an audience for it, even with us all dancing in the confines of our own homes during this COVID-19 pandemic. The problem here is that although it’s Hilton’s song, it dilutes her larger-than-life celebrity so much that it ends up doing her a disservice. Simply put: Her voice is so altered, so autotuned, that it ends up sounding like anybody could be singing — and definitely not the somebody celebrity that Hilton is, a status that she’s worked so hard to solidify over the years. 

It’s a shame because Hilton’s definitely having her moment in the spotlight right now. Her appearance in Rihanna’s second Savage x Fenty fashion show was nothing short of jaw-dropping. She’s always been known for her sex appeal, but seeing Hilton this way was like watching a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a beautiful, fierce butterfly. She gave us straight-up model vibes and looked completely at home on the New York Fashion Week stage alongside other powerhouse celebrities, which included actress Demi Moore, singer Lizzo and supermodel Cara Delevigne. Confidently rocking a head-to-toe pink number and stunner shades while ditching the once-signature dog purse, Hilton showed us that she’s back and more than ready for your undivided attention. 

In the same vein, the cover art for “I Blame You” is also unapologetically bold. It shows a naked Hilton with long blond hair flawlessly styled, which broadcasts loud and clear that she’s owning her sexuality and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. The image and the message behind it are all great, frankly, but it’s a shame that her music doesn’t do them justice. “I Blame You” lacks personality and storytelling, and it’s too short to really be an effective pop single or dance track. There also isn’t much to hold on to in the way of lyrics; however, its chorus is pretty genius. 


When Hilton sings, “I feel good, I feel good // I blame you, I blame you” before each synth-heavy musical interlude, you can’t help but smile. We don’t typically “blame” someone for our happiness and euphoria. Hilton commandeers a word with typically negative connotations and turns it into something pleasant. Any artist who has fun with language like this and makes words serve their own purpose is clearly intelligent and worthy of our respect. 

Although the song isn’t groundbreaking or one that’s going to be a 2020 standout track, “I Blame You” is good fun and a sweet release we all could probably use. It’s also dedicated to Hilton’s boyfriend Carter Reum, which makes it even more endearing. Plus, Hilton isn’t making music again because she needs the money but, rather, because she enjoys it and wants to use her platform for good, so you can’t help but root for her. For example, she’s donating all of the proceeds of this single to Breaking Code Silence, an organization that aids children and teenagers who’ve experienced abuse and trauma, according to Paper magazine

Given how much Paris Hilton is throwing herself into her music again and striving to affect real change, the “Simple Life” star definitely deserves to be on all of our radars again. To check out her comeback single “I Blame You” and incredible documentary “This Is Paris,” head over to Hilton’s official YouTube page.

Featured Image: YouTube (@ParisHilton)

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