King Princess Transforms Into A 3D Avatar In New Music Video

After some downtime in quarantine this year, King Princess (also known as Mikaela Straus) returns with the release of a new music video for the breakup bop, “Only Time Makes It Human.” Prior to this single, KP had released a deluxe version of Cheap Queen back in February, and fans are ecstatic that she’s back with a new sound. The new single, produced by Mike Malchicoff and King Princess herself, channels pop party type beats that we can’t get enough of.

“Only Time Makes It Human” reflects on the doldrums of requited love and raises the question of whether it’s a vice or virtue for love to completely consume one’s mind. She admits that since cutting it off with her ex, the curiosity of what they could be up to is torturing her.

In the chorus, she sings, “And it sucks that I think about her // ‘Cause thinking ’bout her leaves me lonely (Leaves me lonely, leaves me lonely) // And it’s not that I wanna suffer // But thinking of her keeps me going (Keeps me going, keeps me going).”

While navigating a breakup, it’s only in true KP fashion to write songs to help her cope with her feelings. In this case, she sings a very notable line in the pre-chorus, stating that, “All of her love became an album // And I’m still the one who’s crying.” Although the singer-songwriter profits off her heartbreak, she admits that she’s still unhappy as memories of her ex continue to haunt her. The single definitely shares a similar theme to “Talia,” sharing that KP struggles most with letting go of those intimate, nostalgic moments. However, she believes that things can only improve with time as she moves forward.

The official music video for “Only Time Makes It Human” is captivating as KP presents the dualities of the real world and the virtual world — clearly fitting with everything going on nowadays. Throughout the video, an avatar of KP views the real human version of herself through various screens. The video was animated by Swedish visual artist Pastelae and was directed by Quinn Wilson, who is known for directing Lizzo’s hit music videos for “Juice” and “Boys.”

Digging into the context clues of the video, it appears that KP doesn’t feel “human” anymore. The KP avatar is mesmerized by the human version of herself, and ultimately strives to be “real.” Although the lyrics suggest that KP misses her ex, it is possible that her lyricism acts as a double entendre, revealing that she misses an old version of herself. For instance, in the bridge, she sings that she longs for “who she was when she was my girl.”

Bluntly, the pop artist misses who she herself once was while still in her former relationship. As a songwriter, KP is a sneaky genius, yet as a public figure/personality, she embodies enticing comedic energy (as seen in numerous music videos).

We sense that a second album may be on the horizon for KP, especially since she archived all of her Instagram posts last week to help promote the new single. Perhaps KP is preparing fans for a new era of music, one that is more boldly mature as she explores her twenties. While KP first rose to fame with soft pop singles like “1950” and “Talia,” the 21-year-old now aims to showcase her entire range. The versatility of KP is refreshing to the ears as she mixes influences of 2000s pop, rock, R&B, and now, nightclub beats.

We cannot wait for King Princess to reveal the aesthetic she’s been plotting! In the meantime, you can catch her opening up Harry Styles‘ 2021 European Tour! Tickets are available to purchase here.

Featured Image: Columbia Records