Portugal. The Man Partners With Weird Al Yankovic In Call-To-Action Video “Who’s Gonna Stop Me”

Portugal. The Man joined forces with an uncharacteristically serious Weird Al Yankovic to release their new anthem “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, October 12, 2020. The introspective song is accompanied by an artful music video designed to honor and celebrate indigenous cultures.

The video, directed by Aaron Brown and Josue Rivas, features over 23 different collaborators including The Last Artful Dodger. The collective effort put into the creation of both the single and the music video celebrates Indigenous culture while calling for the break down barriers between “materialist culture, the arts, and indigenous paradigms.”

There’s the presence of a coyote throughout the music video, which eventually lines up with Weird Al’s dancing figure. In their commentary on the video, Portugal. The Man explains that they view the satirical artist’s presence as a foil to the seriousness of their concerns. “…the Coyote represents the trickster and the maker of new worlds. The trickster is an archetype that can be found in nearly all indigenous and ancient cultures; the trickster not only is playful and a comedian but through their playfulness, they connect people.” The collaboration with Yankovic is symbolic itself of Portugal. The Man’s goal: to unite cultures.

Check out the music video here:

As tireless activists, Portugal. The Man also employed this single as an announcement for a new campaign through their PTM Foundation, a philanthropic engagement “focused on building community resilience, empathy, and awareness through music, stories, art, education and connectivity.” In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day the PTM Foundation announced a new fundraiser and $20,000 match program in support of DigDeep’s Indigenous-led Navajo Water Project.

It’s refreshing to see artists so steadfast in their dedication to their values. This collaboration is a unique (and catchy) chance to peek behind the curtain of stage personas and mega-tours. With only one planet to share, the wellbeing of the environment is something that should concern every inhabitant. Portugal. The Man and Weird Al Yankovic have given both of their expansive audiences a reason to pause and consider larger, introspective topics in hopes that this will inspire individual actions that contribute to a larger scale. As the music video for “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” proudly proclaims at its opening “we are all related.”

For more information on the PTM Foundation please visit their website here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@portugaltheman)