Take “Deep Breaths” With Up-And-Coming Popstar Audriix

Our favorite upcoming popstar just released a new song! “Deep Breaths” by Audriix hit all music platforms on Friday, October 16, and since then, we are loving it! Audriix announced her new song release on September 30th, a few weeks before the release date, hinting it on Instagram with posts from the music video! Oh, and did we mention, there’s a music video too?

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Deep Breaths is finally out!!! I am so so excited to finally share this song and video with all of you.  Deep Breaths is an empowerment song drawn from my personal experiences.  It's about standing up for yourself when someone tries to oppress you and unapologetically feeling your emotions.  I hope it inspires anyone listening to be strong and be yourself, despite anyone who tries to bring you down. This was a very fun video to conceptualize and edit, but also definitely the most challenging music video I have ever filmed.  We filmed during the terrible California wildfires (the smoke in the background is real) and everyone on set got to wear a mask except me of course so the air quality was tough.  Filming and singing underwater was a very interesting challenge.  And getting drenched in freezing cold water at 11pm for the rain scene while trying not to shiver was quite the experience! I have so many people to thank for working with me on this.  I wrote this song with the amazing @alexreid_12 who also produced it—thank you so much for such terrific work!!  Thank you to everyone who was a part of the video: @leo.moring my cinematographer who brought my vision to life, @digitalcinema365 2nd camera operator, @princesskesha my spectacular choreographer, and PAs @katiebuntic17 (who also took the single art!) and @alexpeterson07.  A big thanks to my social media team @katiebuntic17, @amruthasatti, and @ashleyfong for their enthusiasm and dedication.  And finally, I feel so lucky to have the most amazing managers @jenntolman and @ayestephan at @streamlinetalentgroup.  Thank you so much for everything!! Thank you everyone for listening to the song and watching the video.  Let me know what you think, feel free to share it and tag me, and I hope you enjoy it.  Link to full video/song in my bio!

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Of course this wouldn’t be a classic Audriix song without a deep and powerful meaning. Audriix mentions that this song is for about standing up for yourself when someone tries to oppress you and unapologetically feeling your emotions. “Deep Breaths” also makes you feel as if you are standing on clouds. Free from others and above all who try to bring you down. She advocates to break rules that hold you back and that make you feel chained.

In the music video, she is seen walking in a foggy scenery with a beautiful red dress with glamorous makeup. Shortly after, she dives in a pool and an underwater shot is presented. Her colorful dress is emerged into the pool and she sings along with us. Lastly, she is in the woods while it is raining and she even busts out some dance moves. Her dress, makeup and singing makes us feel as if we can achieve anything in the world and be alongside with her. We cannot wait to see what she has in store next! Watch the music video down below and let us know what you think.

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