Harry Styles "Golden" Music Video

Harry Styles Is Serving Up An Italian Dream In “Golden” Music Video

Sometimes, sharing a piece of yourself with another person can feel like the most terrifying thing ever, and in a year that has brought the world so much chaos and grief, the idea of opening yourself up to someone else can feel even scarier. And yet, pop-rock icon Harry Styles is once again sharing that there is power in owning your vulnerability. Yesterday morning, the “Sign of the Times” crooner released the music video for his single, “Golden,” to bookend his Fine Line era.

While a bittersweet moment for fans everywhere — including us here at Soundigest — Styles is certainly wrapping up this incredibly successful record in the best way possible — with a lighthearted visual that brought an instant smile to every viewer’s face as soon as they caught a glimpse of the third still.

Directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, the “Golden” music video illustrates an incredibly playful and swoon-worthy Styles as he chants lyrics describing a fear many of us know all too well — the fear of being alone.

Much like Fine Line‘s lead single, “Lights Up,” “Golden” leaves its listeners with this: don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, don’t be afraid to love and don’t be afraid of being who you are — in fact, be absolutely unapologetic about it. While the two tracks stand well on their own, their complementary messages and themes make it clear why they were selected to kick off and close out such an outstanding record.

And while the “Lights Up” visual carries a much more somber tone, “Golden” is all smiles from Mr. Styles as he dances along the Italian streets in a bright blue coat and splashes around what we can only assume to be the Mediterranean Sea. And let’s not forget the countless scenes of Styles running toward the camera, once again giving us a glimpse of his undeniable charm in an oversized white button-down.

It’s an Italian dream if we ever saw one. Seriously, if you’re not feeling a heavy dose of escapism after watching this, we’d say you’re a stronger person than the rest of us.

Nevertheless, we’re extremely impressed with just how easily Harry Styles can bring a smile to our faces as he demonstrates the highs of falling in love and the angst that comes with the possibility of it all crumbling down. But regardless of how it ends, we know that love will always be the antidote — even in this messed up world we live in.

If you somehow haven’t already seen it — or if you’re like us and need to watch it just one more time (we wouldn’t blame you if it’s more) — catch the “Golden” music video below.

Featured Image: Columbia Records

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