Zedd Griff Inside Out Single

Zedd Recruits Newcomer Griff For “Inside Out” Single

Zedd has become a staple collaborator in the music industry since his debut studio album, Clarity, producing smash hits like “Stay The Night” featuring Hayley Williams. Not much has changed since 2012, The Grammy Award-winning artist is still an active presence in our playlists. “Inside Out,” which features U.K.-based newcomer Griff, is the latest hit on his extensive resumé.


Although “Inside Out” has been in the works for well over a year, the track is still relevant and timely. “I started working on ‘Inside Out’ roughly a year and a half ago and I’m incredibly proud for it to finally see the light of day. We are in such a tense state of the world right now; I feel like this song can provide people with a much-needed sense of hope,” Zedd shared.

The production work will certainly ring familiar for fans of the German DJ — his signature sound is present in every verse. Up-and-coming British pop musician Griff goes above and beyond to elevate “Inside Out” with her stunning vocals. She’s also aware of how important this opportunity is, stating that, “It’s so surreal for Zedd to want a new artist like me to sing on this track, and I’m just super grateful and excited to be involved in this.”

The multi-talented teenager, real name Sarah Griffiths, is known for her vulnerable lyrics, often coming across as wise beyond her years. “This song for me is about any relationship in your life that’s worth holding onto, whether its platonic or romantic,” she says, sounding more like a seasoned veteran than a young newcomer. “I feel like these days everything is about how things look on the outside, and so the idea of loving someone from the inside first, feels like quite an important thing to say right now.”

You can listen to Zedd and Griff’s feel-good “Inside Out” single below.

Featured Image: Interscope Records

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