Frank Iero Halloween King

5 Reasons Why Frank Iero Is The King Of Halloween

1. The Music Video for “Weighted”

In August 2014, Frank released his first single, “Weighted,” after My Chemical Romance’s breakup. Everyone was excited, but they were probably not expecting this music video. Some people believe that “Weighted” is about Frank’s feelings and life after the band split up, but he has not referred to those comments directly. Nevertheless, the music video is far from connected to the song lyrics.

If you are an MCR fan, you probably remember the band behind the scenes for the “Helena” music video, when guitarist Ray Toro stops Frank from getting into the casket. In the “Weighted” music video, Frank fulfilled his dream of getting into a casket, but he does not stop there. After one of Frank’s fans attempts to bring him back from the dead, Frank is pissed off, so he starts attacking the kid and his friends in a rather frightful manner. The Stranger Things vibe of the video and some Stephen King references make “Weighted” No. 1 on this list. Also, the track is one of the best in .Stomachaches., so it is a double prize.

We wish Frank Iero, the king of Halloween, an amazing and spooky 39 birthday next to his family and loved ones!

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