Harry Styles Fan Home Visit Fan Reactions

Fans React to Harry Styles Visiting A Fan’s Home After His Car Broke Down

There’s no doubt that Harry Styles fans have been fed well with content these past few months. With the “Golden” music video dropping last week and the start of filming for his new movie, Don’t Worry Darling, the fandom has been anything but bored. The latest on the young rockstar, however, has fans in a frenzy.

Last week, an Instagram user by the name of Theadora (@theadoraaaaaaaa) took to the platform to share the crazy story.

She shared that Styles was driving down her street when he experienced car troubles, which ended with her father inviting him inside for tea, as he waited for help. The worst part… she wasn’t even home!

Unfortunately, the young fan was not home during the chance encounter, but Styles made up for it by signing her copy of his album, Fine Line, and leaving her a note, which read, “I’m devastated that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Treat people with kindness.”

Though the entire situation is straight out of a movie, it’s the final part of the note that has broken the internet.

Styles concluded his note to the young fan by saying, “P.S. I fed the fish.” Fans have found the small gesture to be both genuine and hilarious, as they’ve taken to Twitter to share their thoughts and reactions:

Harries have even sympathized with young Theadora, as they imagine how she must have felt coming home to the news that her favorite singer had just been in her bedroom.

Worried that the star may make a surprise appearance in their own homes, the situation has sparked a newfound interest for fans to keep their own rooms clean.

Stretching it a bit further, some have even tied this gesture back to Styles’ “Adore You” music video, which featured his loving friendship with a fish in the Isle of Eroda.

While we do believe this was a simple act of kindness by the star, it has shown that literally anything is possible. One day you could be listening to Harry Styles, and the next he could be in your room caring for your pets.

No matter what, just remember — keep your rooms clean, just in case.

Featured image: Instagram (@theadoraaaaaaaa)

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