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Bishop Briggs’ “Walk You Home” Is Her Most Vulnerable Song Yet

This year, Bishop Briggs has pleased her fans with the release of a lot of good music. From her cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” to her song and music video for “Higher,” the artist has made the most out of this weird year. Last Thursday, Bishop released her latest single “Walk You Home,” and on Sunday, she released a music video for the song.


The singer-songwriter took to Twitter to talk about the meaning of “Walk You Home.” Bishop shared that the track is about the phase of denial many people confront when ending a relationship: “We feel that this ending will cause that person to vanish from our memory. We pray their name won’t live in our minds as we close our eyes to sleep.”

The beginning of the song is reminiscent of singer K.Flay’s hits. Bishop Briggs and K.Flay have been great friends for a long time, so it is no surprise that K.Flay co-wrote the song. Of course, as the song progresses, we can hear Bishop’s signature sound and feel her powerful presence.


On Sunday, Bishop shared with her fans a music video for the song. She recorded the video in her house, and we can clearly see that “Walk You Home” means a lot to the artist. Her raw emotions really convey the message of the track and will probably have you in tears.

Also, Bishop commented on the YouTube video that she decided not to wear makeup when filming. The singer stated: “I AM SO HAPPY THIS IS OUT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! To not be wearing any makeup in this video perfectly represents the rawness that I felt in writing this! It’s so hard for me to undo the deep care I have for this particular person. Thank you for being kind and letting me share this with you. I love you all.” An avid fan of makeup, seeing Bishop being so transparent and open to share her feelings with the world is a great step in her career.

Definitely, Bishop Briggs always surprises us with great song after great song, and she always delivers her best performances. Listen to and watch the music video for “Walk You Home” below:

Featured Image: Island Records

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