Mod Sun Preaches “Karma” In His Latest Music Video

As strange as 2020 has been, we can’t help but admit that this new wave of pop-punk is helping us get through it all. Recently, Mod Sun has shifted his musical aesthetic combining different elements of rock and pop-punk, which perfectly describes his new single “Karma.” Just a few days ago, Mod released the official music video directed by long term friend and collaborator Colson Baker (best known as Machine Gun Kelly), which comes as no surprise to long time fans. After MGK successfully genre-flipped from rap to pop-punk with the release of Tickets To My Downfall, it appears Mod Sun plans to do the same with his own upcoming project.

The new anthemic single has a clear cut message… karma can be a b*tch. In this case, Mod Sun addresses how a traumatic past relationship left him broken but has hope that his ex will get what they deserve later down the road. In the chorus, he chants: “I hope you choke on every lie you said to me. // I hope you move out of this city suddenly. // I hope you get everything you deserve. // Karma’s a b*tch I heard.” Although Mod refers to an ex in the lyrics, he claims that this is “a song you can send to anyone who ever made fun of you in high school.”

The eccentric video highlights the aesthetic of early 2000s punk culture, from bright hair, edgy outfits, and a nod to skate culture. Throughout this lighthearted video, Mod skates out his frustrations, chants his own lyrics with a group of friends, and even plays the drums. Although he first emerged into the industry as a drummer, this is the first time in Mod Sun’s career where he plays live drums on one of his songs. He has shared that since becoming sober after a history with harmful substances, he has started to create the music he’s always longed for.

Mod Sun shares that this particular collaboration with MGK meant a lot to him considering their complex history of working and touring together. “Kells and I reversed roles this time, because I have directed several of his videos so he directed this one. I had no idea what the video was going to be like until I watched it back and then realized his concept was brilliant and he figured out how to capture the most authentic me. The video feels timeless.”

Be sure to watch “Karma” below!

Featured Image: Big Noise Music Group

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