Dillon Francis Evie Irie "Be Somebody"

Dillon Francis And Evie Irie Drop Unapologetic Anthem “Be Somebody”

Dillon Francis and Evie Irie just dropped their new collab “Be Somebody,” and it’s definitely an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast as a result of their ambitions. In a recent press release, Dillon shared that the song is “an ode to all the people that told me I was just a class clown and wasn’t gonna make it.”

“I was never gonna be the prom queen // Never voted most likely to succeed // Nobody would invite me // So I’ma throw a party for myself,” Evie sings in the first verse, painting a clear and relatable picture of many people’s high school experience. Who wants to be the person who peaked in high school anyway, right?


“Me and my friends, we gon’ pool our money // We gon’ get a droptop, we gon’ be somebody // Laugh now, but it won’t be funny // When we make it out of here, we gon’ be somebody,” Evie continues in the chorus, giving us the positivity, empowerment and hope for the future that we all DEFINITELY need right now.

“Can’t wait ’til I’m older // When we take the world over // That’s me on your poster, yeah // Tell your friends that you know her,” Evie sings in the second verse, really driving the unapologetic message of the song home.

It is clear that this song is written for anyone and everyone who has ever been made fun of for having big dreams. The synth-pop track, coupled with Evie’s empowering lyrics, sends a loud and clear message to all the haters and doubters that you’ll wanna scream out of your window while cruising down the highway. Check out the lyric video for “Be Somebody” below.

Featured Image: Instagram (@evieirie / @dillonfrancis)

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