Woodz 'Woops!' EP

Woodz Rings In The Season With Comfy Rock Vibes On Woops! EP

A few months after releasing his debut EP Equal, Woodz is back with his sophomore effort, Woops!. You might be familiar with Woodz as a member of Uniq, X1, as well as a versatile R&B soloist. However, with Woops!, the singer-songwriter and producer flawlessly exercises his range to display a new side of his artistry.

He kicks off the album with the dominant, bass-heavy and country-tinged “Trigger.” Not only are his vocals on point, but his rapping always manages to floor us as well.

This leads to his upbeat pop-rock title track “Bump Bump.” He manages to make relationship troubles and constant fighting into an addictive anthem. The accompanying music video is the definition of living your best (rebellious) life.


Things slow down a bit with the soft-tempo crooning of “On my own” and the feel-good pop vibes of “Thanks to.”

“Sweater” is a duet with Woodz’s longtime friend and singer, Jamie. The song is sung entirely in English and it doesn’t get any cozier than this.

The album finishes with the emotional “Tide.” With his falsetto and crisp songwriting, he’s got us all feeling a little heartbroken.

There’s so many things to appreciate about Woodz and with Woops!, the multi-talented artist surprises us with a new color on the spectrum. This time around, we have the perfect album for cozy and sweater season. It’ll make us feel a mixture of emotions, and we’re here for it.

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