Chris Young and Kane Brown Remind Us We All Have “Famous Friends”


There is one thing that Chris Young and Kane Brown have in common, and that is that they both come from a very small town. It is no wonder then that their new collab “Famous Friends” really hits home with the small town feel. “Famous Friends” reminds us that no matter where we move to, we have “Famous Friends” in our hometowns. The song is a sweet ode to all of the heroes that live in their hometowns that may not be famous to the world, but are famous to the people who live in the town.

Fans from any small town can relate to the lyrics. Some like, “My buddy Jason he’s the sheriff // He’ll flash his lights but lеt me go// My boy Randy he’s a preachеr// My girl Megan, she’s been teacher of the year// I swear for five years in a row,” really make fans think about the heroes in their small town and where they are now, but reminding them of home!

While the song is a sweet ode to the hometown famous friends that everyone knows, the song doesn’t really reflect either of their styles of music. Even though it isn’t the typical sound of the two, it is still a good song that will bring listeners back to their roots and think of all the people in their home town.

While fans are excited for the duo, fans are hoping for more music from both of the artists individually. Kane Brown has released a string of music this year, but they haven’t heard much from Chris Young. Clearly on his Instagram he has been leading on that he is working on new music, so all fans can do is to be patient, but we are sure whatever comes next is going to be AMAZING!

Be sure to check out “Famous Friends” and think about your own famous friends here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@chrisyoungmusic)