Sasha Sloan and Charlie Puth Drop Remix for “Is It Just Me?”

Songstress Sasha Sloan and the TikTok-famous turned legit-musician Charlie Puth just dropped their amazing remix for “Is It Just Me?” on November 19. As if the original bedroom pop banger wasn’t enough, adding in Puth’s smooth vocals just makes the track that much more magical. The track’s lyrics are just one hot take after another, and we’re living for it.

“I hate holdin’ babies and people tryna save me // Think religion is a business where you pay for God’s forgiveness” Sloan sings in the first verse, coming in hot with a bunch of “unpopular opinions” that many people probably think but are too afraid to admit.

Puth continues dropping hot takes in the second half of the verse, singing “Modern art is boring // Politicians are annoying // I don’t think love lasts forever // And old music was better.” The song’s verses continue in this pattern, dropping some more “controversial” opinions such as “weddings are outdated” and “thе show Friends was overrated.”

(And honestly? We agree. Friends was overrated and more people should say it.)


It’s definitely not just them, that’s for sure. In fact, their “unpopular opinions” are probably more popular than they think, it’s just that everyone is afraid to say it. Sloan has a unique ability to write lyrics that are so simple yet so relatable, and we’re sure that this skill will set her on a very successful path very, very soon. Pairing her lyrics with Puth’s smooth and harmonious vocal stacks and you’ve got super chill track that you’ll wanna listen to while getting cozy by the fire (maybe don’t play it in front of your older relatives though. Or do. Who are we to tell you how to live your life?)

Ultimately, this new remix is exactly the kind of snarky release we’re all in desperate need of this holiday season. We all have to blow off steam somehow.

Featured Image: Instagram (@sadgirlsloan)

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