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Gryffin And Audrey Mika Share Uplifting “Safe With Me” Single

In the midst of these uncertain times, musicians across all genres are providing the temporary relief we all need in the form of uplifting songs. Though the news is rife with tense politics and the fear of an ongoing global pandemic, artists remain as inspired and motivated as ever. L.A.-based producer Gryffin and 20-year-old rising star Audrey Mika are no exception, providing sheer comfort in the form of their new single, “Safe With Me”.


As the title implies, “Safe With Me” embodies those themes of support and security that resonate with listeners now more than ever. Gryffin, who is known for his irresistible melodies and dance-pop productions, ensures that his latest anthem is every bit as appealing as his previous works. “This is a very special one for me and I’m super proud with how it turned out. I hope the message and feeling of the record can uplift us all a bit during these uncertain times,” he shared on Twitter.

While Gryffin delivers a sonically beautiful world via his production, it’s newcomer Audrey Mika that elevates the message with her captivating vocals. “I want somebody to say to me // Come lay with me, you’re safe with me,” she sings before diving into the inescapable “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” of the post-chorus. Her soulful voice flows seamlessly with the rhythm, making the track an absolute delight to sing along with. Thanks to its honest, relatable lyrics, “Safe With Me” is a well-rounded song that serves as a solid entry in both Gryffin and Mika’s respective discographies.

Though Gryffin boasts an extensive track record of excellent dance-pop songs, Audrey Mika is just getting started. The YouTube sensation struck gold with her viral hit “Y U Gotta B Like That” in 2019 and we can’t wait to continue watching her grow as an artist. You can watch the official lyric video for “Safe With Me” below.

Featured Image: Interscope Records

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