Queer-Pop Artist Pat Reilly Releases Prince of the Night EP

Pat Reilly’s Prince of the Night EP is 17 minutes of straight bops, full of energy and danceable beats. Reilly gets real honest with us in a departure from his more lighthearted and fun work, while maintaining the high energy pop style he is known for. “Prince of the Night” is all about being real with yourself and others; we are on a journey through self-growth with Pat as he allows himself to reflect and get serious.

Despite the emotionally raw and somber overtones of this EP, Prince of the Night features a lively production style, with fluttering arpeggios, bumping bass kicks, and of course, Reilly’s groovy, glistening vocals.

Over the course of five songs, including songs covering tough and sobering topics, the energy doesn’t let up. The pace is consistent and the songs are dynamic and memorable, as to be expected with such effervescent electropop. Combining the groove of R&B with the electropop sounds and trap beats gives a unique feel, similar to Charli XCX. However, it’s the warm R&B vocal and more accessible production that sets Reilly apart from Charli and other electropop artists, leaving him his own niche.

Track by track, each song has its own theme and style, yet there is still a sense of cohesion. “Act of Love” is a chill song about how you need to be straight up with yourself when you know someone isn’t treating you with respect. Reilly busts out a bubblier vocal with the title track, giving into his feelings of primal lust for his own “Prince of the Night.”

(As a side note, we totally get why he named the EP after this song, it’s a jam!)

“Let’s Fight” is a downtempo slow burner that gets us in our feelings, about what Pat is feeling after being cheated on. “Adamantine” continues Pat’s musings on the messier aspects of love, belting out a chorus about that unyielding, firework type of love. The EP then comes full circle to the theme of being real with yourself with the finale, “Who U R.”

Featured Image: Nicolette Daskalakis