Jade Bird "Houdini"

Jade Bird Struggles With A Disappearing Lover In “Houdini”

Rising Americana star Jade Bird just released new track “Houdini,” a follow-up to last month’s “Headstart.” Both songs are from Bird’s upcoming second album, due out sometime next year.

“Houdini” uses the famous magician’s name as a metaphor for a lover that’s pulled a disappearing act of their own. “If they need lessons on leavin’ // I’ll send them to you, Houdini,” Bird shrugs, washing her hands of the affair while also managing to get some final shots in.

The rest of the song matches that ambivalent attitude Bird has to her former lover; she even takes some responsibility herself: “I blame each escapade on my mistakes // for not letting all this end.”


“I’ve loved the word/concept for a really long time,” Bird told NME. “All of a sudden, it seemed to be the perfect metaphor for the figures who had left my life in the past. I had no control or choice on their appearances and disappearances – sort of like the man himself.”

“Houdini” joins “Headstart” as our only new songs from Bird since her 2019 self-titled debut. In fact, Bird’s been working on the follow-up record for quite a while now.

“I wrote most of the album in January before we locked down – I was in upstate New York, actually, where I wrote my first record,” Bird told NME. “I was really feeling a bit dry creatively after touring so much the year before. Then I just had this real breakthrough and I was just desperate to record the album, I just didn’t want to move on creatively from it. So in June we ended up going over to Nashville via Mexico….I wrote about four or five tracks for the album in the two weeks before we recorded it in Mexico, as you do. But it was a weird, weird time and journey.”

No official word yet on when exactly the album will be out, but we can’t wait!

Check out “Houdini” here!

Featured Image: Instagram (@jadebirdmusic)

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