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Conan Gray’s Top 5 Covers That Dazzled the Music World

Twenty-one-year-old pop artist Conan Gray got his start, like quite a few artists have, by uploading videos to YouTube. Living in a small town in Texas growing up (too small of a town if you were to ask him), one of the only outlets to reach a wider audience and explore the outside world was through social media. So, as a teen, Gray made it his personal mission to cultivate a presence for himself and his talents online through daily vlogs, collaborations, pastel aesthetics, original tunes and covers of songs that he played in front of a plant in his room on a guitar or ukulele.

With his charm, soft charisma and relatable edge, he caught quite a following on YouTube before diving in headfirst to the music industry. Fast-forward a few years and Gray has a record label, EP and touring experience under his belt. He’s even become a TikTok sensation with his single “Heather,” raking in over 22 million users either using the track or covering the track in their videos.

For Gray’s 22nd birthday, let’s take a step back and appreciate the covers that made him the viral sensation he is today. We’ve cultivated a list of Conan Gray’s top five covers that ultimately helped inked him a recording contract with Republic Records. Click through to check it out!

Featured Image: Instagram (@conangray)