GOT7 Needs You Like A Missing Puzzle Piece On Breath of Love: Last Piece LP

Before this wild year comes to an end, GOT7 brings us some joy with their fourth full-length album, Breath of Love: Last Piece. We’ve got 10 new tracks, including double title tracks, as well as songs composed by all of the members.

The first title track, “Breath,” was a pre-release and co-written and co-composed by Youngjae — otherwise known as Ars. It’s all about finding that special someone that — you guessed it — takes your breath away.

“You help me breath // deeper and deeper,” Youngjae sings on the addictive whistle-laced chorus.

The accompanying music video has what looks to be a modern movie set complete with art galleries and train stations. You might’ve noticed that there’s no choreography shown in the video. It’s a more relaxed vibe this time around, but we’re still on our feet.

The second lead single, “Last Piece,” was composed by JB, also known as Def. While “Breath” was playful, the guys aren’t messing around when it comes to “Last Piece.”

“You’re the reason for my existence // the beginning and the end // the most important piece,” JB sings.

This video has the members performing their classic and intricate choreography throughout. It’s also filmed on the same set as “Breath,” but it’s a little darker this time around.

Mark’s “Born Ready” is a surefire way to get you pumped up, so make sure to put this on all of your workout and pregame playlists.

“Special” was written by Jackson and it’s another one that will have you feeling confident for days.

There’s something that hits you in the feels when it comes to Jinyoung-penned songs, and “Wave” is as relatable as it gets. “We’re riding through this wave // We’re laughing through the pain,” they sing.

“Waiting for you” is written by BamBam, and it’s a lot more toned-down than his usual hype tracks. We’re loving the polished vocals from the members on this one.

“Thank You, Sorry,” ruminates on a breakup as the person acknowledges their mistakes. Whether you accept it or not, the sentiment is appreciated and we have to thank Yugyeom for this one.

The final track, “We Are Young,” has us a little teary-eyed. It can most likely be interpreted as an ode to the fans, as circumstances have kept most of us apart from each other and the band this year. However, they reassure us that we’re still young and should still keep going.

It’s been a while since their last comeback, but GOT7 still prove they can deliver a cohesive and enjoyable project. Their signature blend of dance-pop and hip-hop flair has matured throughout the years and Last Piece is what we all need to hear right now.

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment