_Girl Like Me_ Black Eyed Peas Shakira Music Video

Shakira Is The Dance Instructor And Skater Princess Of Our Dreams In “Girl Like Me” Video

When Will.i.am said, “I want a girl like Shakira,” we felt that. The Latina queen is back at it again on The Black Eyed Peas‘ new track, “Girl Like Me,” a complete bop with an even better music video. Sure, The Black Eyed Peas don’t have Fergie anymore, but we think Shakira fits right in. The music video is futuristic and fun. It also has us wondering, “Damn! How does Shakira look that great at 43?” The answer is yes, she absolutely does.

Lyrically, “Girl Like Me” is a bit basic. However, it’s nice to see the Black Eyed Peas doing a bilingual song since that is Shakira’s forte. She really has Will.i.am, Apl.de.ap and Taboo singing about how great Latina women are. Which, in their defense, is totally correct. Especially, when we get to see Shakira rocking a skater girl look that would make Avril Lavigne jealous. Even better, she is rocking an 80s leotard and leg warmers look that few could pull off these days. Shakira’s catchy chorus and amazing choreography juxtaposed with the BEP boys rapping in front of futuristic backgrounds just seems to work.

Yes, Shakira can sing, dance, and now, skateboard. Yes, we are looking for a girl like her, or better yet, want to be her. The Black Eyed Peas writing verses about her beauty certainly makes sense. Also, between the hand choreography and dancing, someone needs to invite this queen to do the Superbowl half time show again. Although it’s technically the Black Eyed Peas’ song, we don’t mind the fact that Shakira stole the show. The LA group has a better chance of getting back to where they were in the Fergie heydays with collaborations like this.

So, you better watch the “Girl Like Me” video ASAP. Sure, you’ll be jealous of Shakira’s moves and have the chorus stuck in your head for days, but it’s worth it. We might even consider dressing as Shakira from this video for Halloween next year. As for the Black Eyed Peas, we hope their upcoming album has some more fun collabs and maybe even more bilingual ones. Either way, we’re glad they are sending us into 2021 with a new dance hit.

Featured Image: BEP Music

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