The Band CAMINO Bring The Positivity This World Needs Right Now On New Single “Roses”

When it’s hard to find the good, at least we have music to remind us to keep our head up. So, it is perfect timing for The Band CAMINO to hit us with their new single “Roses” right as everyone is hitting the final stretch of 2020. Yes, it’s been a rough year to say the least. But, have you remembered to “stop and smell the f*cking roses?” It’s funny, yet accurate. Sure, it’s easier to focus on the negative. However, the Nashville trio is here to keep the positive vibes going (and in an especially catchy manner).

Yes, the Band CAMINO has written some tracks that tug on our heartstrings. But now, “Roses” is here to mend some broken hearts and keep us going. Lines like “When did it get cool to be so sad,” really hit home. Our society is so focused on the negative. Maybe, it’s time to be human beings and laugh, smile, or just live. “Roses” is a really good reminder that we need to go easy on ourselves. Lyrically, the boys are giving us a nudge in the right direction towards a positive outlook on life.

Musically, “Roses” sees the trio going more towards a pop sound, although the band tends to play with genres. The change is positive though, as it matches the message and tone of the track. The piano and drums keep the beat going. Then, we have some fun synths and sound effects, like bells, which only seem to add a bit of lightheartedness to the track. Sure, it’s not their old music, but in a good way. It takes on some 2000s vibes and brings it into this decade. “Roses” shows growth in their artistry while still being uniquely The Band CAMINO.

So, if you’re in a sour mood or just want something good to listen to, “Roses” is your song. The only thing better, is the accompanying music video which has the Tennessee boys working in a flower shop. Nothing will make your heart melt quite like the boys giving full, beautiful bouquets to some sad and sassy “customers.” The Band CAMINO just continues to impress with both their music AND music videos. We can’t wait to see what the have for us in 2021.

Featured Image: Elektra Record

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