Troye Sivan Enlists Kacey Musgraves And Mark Ronson For “Easy” Remix

It’s often hard to improve a perfect song and yet so many try. 2019 saw Taylor Swift attempt to light the charts on fire with a Shawn Mendes featuring remix of “Lover” but instead lit her masterpiece of a song ablaze, while 2017 saw Lorde have a Khalid, SZA and Post Malone remix of “Homemade Dynamite” blow up in her face. Though these remixes so often fail, why bother trying? Well, every so often, a track like “Easy” comes along.

When Troye Sivan’s “Easy” arrived in mid-2020 as the second single from his EP In A Dream and was an instant standout, all dressed up in synths and drums and auto-tune like something off Cher’s Believe. It was seemingly perfect. However, Sivan outdid himself, dropping a remix with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson that not only matched but improved upon the brilliance of the original.

While the original throbbed vibrancy, on the remix, Ronson takes over the production, adding new pulsing life to the track with whispers of disco dancing beneath wobbly synths and ticking snares. The new production raises the track to eleven, exploding in waves of neon joy, taking an already huge, undeniable hook to new heights. If that wasn’t enough, Musgraves provides a lightning rod of a feature, perfectly fitting into the groove of the track. Her breathy, delicate vocals with their distinct southern drawl add fluttering sir of lightness to this already immensely bright track. Musgraves also lends her pen to add some of her own charms to the lyrics, adding to the heartbreaking yearning of the track: “We knew what was under the surface // And lived like it wouldn’t hurt us.”

As wonderful as the track is, the new music video for the remix is just as wonderful, matching the neon energy of the song’s vibrant synths. The video sees the two stars on the run, changing hairstyles and looking gorgeous. The duo make us all jealous as they dance around a dive bar and drive around town.

Though it’s hard to get a remix right (especially when the original is just so good) it’s hard to deny it when one works, and this is one of those times. The ‘Easy’ remix injects even more energy into an already explosive track. While remixes are hard to get right, ones like “Easy” make all the bad ones worth it.

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