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Top 16 Best K-pop Songs of 2020

8. “Lovesick Girls” – Blackpink

The pop-rock anthem “Lovesick Girls” was exhilarating and worth the wait from our favorite girls. Blackpink was definitely in our area this year!

7. “Candy” – Baekhyun

We had this one on repeat all summer because it was too sweet to resist. Baekhyun once again gave us the smooth R&B single of the year.

6. “Wannabe” – ITZY

This song and dance was everywhere and had us all wanting to be ITZY. Ryujin, can you teach us the shoulder move again please?

5. “ON” – BTS

“ON” was dramatic and impactful in the best way possible. Shout out to their history-making Grand Central performance of the song. Thank you once again, BTS.

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