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JoJo’s Top 5 Career-Making Music Videos

It’s been 16 years since R&B-pop artist JoJo came on the scene. She instantly became a history maker, becoming pop music’s youngest top charter for debut hit single “Leave (Get Out)” peaking on Billboard’s pop charts at No.13. Singles like that and “Too Little too Late” are early 2000s anthems that everyone knows the words to regardless of if they keep up with her career or not. By 2007, the singer had sold more than 7 million records worldwide, including 2.1 million albums and over 4 million digital downloads in the U.S. alone, all before she hit 20 years old.

Proclaimed as one of the most underrated, yet respected, artists in the industry, her career is still going strong. As she nears the milestone of her 30th birthday, let’s take a look back at JoJo’s top five music videos that have kept her star power radiating:

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