LOONA’s Out Of This World Teaser For “New Moon” Hints At A HaSeul Comeback

LOONA are getting ready for an intergalactic adventure in their new teaser! On December 30, the girl group dropped a cinematic and mysterious teaser for their upcoming single, “New Moon.” The trailer doesn’t give any hints as to what the new track will sound like or when it will be released. “New Moon” will follow the group’s third mini-album 12:00, which was released in October of last year.

The teaser, only clocking in at one minute, is equal parts mysterious, beautiful, and intriguing. The clip opens with member Gowon floating in space looking down at Earth. It’s a striking scene as she floats in an ethereal white gown and long blue hair. The mood takes a drastic turn as it cuts to the other members standing amongst an apocalyptic wasteland. Hyunjin is seen staring up at the sky as a butterfly begins to flutter around her.

The scene sporadically changes between shots of ViVi and Yves roller skating and floating apples. Apples have been a recurring theme for Yves in previous music videos. We then see Chuu standing atop a graffiti-covered car and staring into the sky much like Hyunjin. Perhaps the most interesting part of the video is the potential return of member HaSeul, who took a break from the group to focus on her health for the past two album cycles. While her profile is shown very quickly at the end of the teaser, Blockberry Creative has not yet confirmed her return.

The video showcases multiple changes in mood and aesthetic, so it will be interesting to see if the sound of “New Moon” will reflect this.

Check out the teaser trailer for “New Moon” below!

Credit: Featured Image: YouTube (loonatheworld)