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From Ska To Star Wars: Oscar Isaac Opened For Green Day And The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

If you think you’ve done it all, you clearly haven’t seen Oscar Issac. Sure, he was Poe in the new Star Wars trilogy. But, did you also know he was in a ska band? Yes, you read that correctly. Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac used to be singing and playing guitar on stage opening for bands like Green Day and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in the 90s.

The Guatemalan artist was part of several bands including The Worms, Closet Heterosexuals, Petrified Frogs and The Blinking Underdogs. The Blinking Underdogs were the most popular of the bands he was part of and ended up playing some festivals in Florida. Although Isaac left The Blinking Underdogs to go to Juilliard, he’s proud of his past as a musician. Isaac has talked about it in several interviews and even states that he still enjoys performing in bands when he’s not making award-winning films.

This fun fact about Oscar seems to come up every couple of years to people who aren’t devout ska fans. Recently, the news of Isaac being the cool straight-edge guitarist from Florida came up with this viral tweet.

So, the photo in this tweet is truly a relic. Nothing says ska like a bunch of dudes in sweat bands and skate/surf clothes. Even better, some clips have surfaced on Youtube throughout the years. Yes, you will want to watch The Blinking Underdogs perform. We’ve provided a video featuring Oscar rocking on a flying V for your listening enjoyment.

Clearly, Isaac has been oozing with talent for years. Despite the catchy brass section, Oscar is probably thriving a bit more in Star Wars than Warped Tour. However, we would love to see Isaac hop on stage with Reel Big Fish or No Doubt someday. Until then, we’ll have to root for Oscar Issac on our screens.

Featured Image: Twitter (@handsome_pal) 

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