Top 5 Elvis Presley Covers
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Top 5 Elvis Presley Covers to Grace Our Ears

1. Norah Jones — “Love Me Tender”

Rounding out the list of five of the best Elvis Presley covers, some of you might hear this rendition and feel a tug of nostalgia. It’s because this version of Presley’s “Love Me Tender” was on the soundtrack of the early 2000s film, Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. This cover is one we play often while in a quiet room. Jones’ voice always carries a soothing, relaxing and slightly seductive weight, and there’s something about this gentle cover of “Love Me Tender” that elevates those aspects of her music.

It’s delicate. It’s emotional. It’s mesmerizing. It resonates. In some instances, we forget this track isn’t one she wrote in her bedroom, gazing out the window as her heart is consumed with adoration for another, yet a high profile single that transcends generations.

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