Charlotte Lawrence shares breezy new single “Talk You Down”

Charlotte Lawrence is starting off the new year strong with the release of her new single “Talk You Down.” Lawrence released a video to accompany the song, which consists of the singer-songwriter dancing around, lit by the same neon green hue we saw on the single artwork.

Lawrence is known for catchy lyrics about love, heartache, and her feelings, amongst other things. “Talk You Down” features some of these themes whilst including a super bright tropical house beat underneath. The lyrics discuss coping with hardship by opening up to your loved ones. In an interview with Nylon, Lawrence talked more about the song’s meaning to her personally, and where she got the inspiration for it; “This song, in my eyes, paints the struggle of feeling anxious, hopeless, lost, crazy even, momentarily losing your sense of self, and calming down by either finding it within you or through a loved one. Being able to realize that you’re going to be okay and self soothe — or to trust and lean on a loved one to get to that same outcome. Although the song tells a story of the narrator calming down their significant other, I look at it as more of two sides of me conversing. One side is panicked, my shadow self, and the other side is talking me off the ledge and calming me down, my higher self.”

“Everyone deals with their emotions in different ways and we’ve all been dealing with so many different types of emotions in the last year,” Lawrence said of the track. “I wanted to be a part of a song about anxiety and how I deal with it. Talking with someone about how you feel is a perfect way to get through any emotional experience.” Lawrence is no stranger to these themes in her music, and apparently we have a lot more vulnerability from her to look forward to in 2021. When asked what fans should expect from her new music, Lawrence said, “I want to say dive in with zero expectations. But they can also expect honestly and vulnerability. Dance and cry at the same time.” We can get behind that!

Featured Image: Instagram (@charlotteslawrence)