Zucker And Cutler Teach Us How To “Fall In Love”

This soulful single is not a want but a need! Singer-songwriters Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler are each known to aim high for the right harmonies, so together it’s a match made in music heaven. On Friday, they released “This Is How You Fall In Love,” a euphoric duet about unity and fascination, about letting-go and letting-in. Best friends in real-life, the collaborators have contributed to airwaves also in 2019 with their EP Brent.

Zucker is best known for his songs “All The Kids Are Depressed” and “Comethru,” having accumulated over 300 million streams on Spotify. His music can be best described as a fusion of funky, earthy beats. His BFF, Cutler also carries this style in her music and lyricism, with her outstanding rhythmic album, How To Be Human, which was released last year. Earlier this month, she released a collab with another incredible musician Quinn XCII “Stay Next To Me.”


Soft piano keys and guitar riffs add elegance to the track, where the gentle tones of Zucker and Cutler keep us floating on. This new single will be the first from the upcoming Brent II. Just under three minutes, the ballad wraps messages of love, peace, and friendship in a beautiful bow. They also masterfully capture vulnerability and trust in a companion, with all the sweet pieces of the honeymoon stage.

The music video, which was filmed in a small New York country-town, brings all the right vibes, with scenic views and nostalgia for sunny days in the Fall. The picturesque fields of forests and flowers emphasize the passion in the song, as the lyrics can illuminate. Well done, 11/10!

We’re looking forward to their continued success with Brent II. Check out “This Is How You Fall In Love” and prepare to be amazed with this awesome new song.

Featured Image: Instagram (@chelseacutler)

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