Flo Milli Kicks Off The Year With New Single “Roaring 20s”

“Roaring 20s” by Flo Milli is the best way to start the new year and an even better way for her to enter her 21st year of life. She released “Roaring 20s,” which criticizes rich white men that look down on women with wealth who behave in a similar fashion. To make this song even more iconic, Flo Milli sampled “If I Were a Rich Man” by Chaim Topol for the track.

In a press release, Flo Milli stated, “The Roaring Twenties was a period in history of dramatic social and political change. Last year, I was able to break through during a very difficult time for not only our country, but the world. Born in 2000, and having my breakout year in 2020, I feel like I’m living in the new age of the Roaring Twenties.

One of the most familiar symbols of the Roaring Twenties was the birth of the new independent woman, known in those years as a flapper. A flapper is a young woman, unbothered by conventional standards of behavior. In addition to being more sexually free than previous generations, the women of the Roaring Twenties had the bobbed hair, the short skirts, the drankin’, the smokin’, looks and participated in activities that were deemed “unladylike.” My lyrics, my style and my lifestyle all resonate with that freedom and I AM the Roaring Twenties.”

In the track, Flo Milli raps, “Hit up the country club with my bros // Stupid shit, it’s just a double standard // I made my own lane and I took advantage.” She calls out the discrimination seen at country clubs as she depicts her “rags to riches” story. She mentions how her being at a country club isn’t to show off her wealth or status, but instead, it serves as a political statement. Listen to the song down below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: RCA Records