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Epik High Brings Comfort and Cements Legacy on Epik High is Here

Epik High is a group that no longer needs any introduction, as they have now released part one of their 10th album Epik High is Here. The legendary hip-hop trio consisting of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz bring comfort in a time of insecurity, complete with their poignant lyrics and lofi-inspired beats.

The 10-track album kicks off with “Lesson Zero.” Longtime Epik High fans are no doubt familiar with the group’s previous “Lesson” tracks. They’re restarting from zero this time, but after all that’s happened, we don’t blame anyone for wanting a fresh start. And we can only aspire to have the same worldview and wisdom as Tablo.

“No more lessons please // Now I see, the question to all answers // Will only bring me to my knees // And back to zero,” he raps.

There’s no shortage of guest stars on this album. The Latin and trap-influenced track “Rosario” features rappers CL and Zico. We get powerful verses taking on haters as CL takes the reign on the electrifying chorus. If there’s one lyric or message you take away from the song it’s: “I am a legend and I am here to stay.”

The cinematic music video is shot portrait style and has us feeling dangerous.

“Based on a True Story” will have you feeling a lot more emotional. With a mellow piano and jazz instrumental, the track features the crisp and delicate vocals of R&B singer Heize. The lyrics discuss heartbreak and loss. “Though we are over // I see you in everything // And you keep holding me back from escaping,” Mithra raps.

“Acceptance Speech” is another message for the haters and features former iKON member and rapper B.I.

Other guest features include rappers Woo, Changmo and Nucksal on “In Self-defense, vocalists GSoul on “End of the World,” Miso on “True Crime” and Kim Sawol on “Leica.”

With a career spanning over 17 years, Epik High’s longevity and influence isn’t waning anytime soon. Their dedication to their craft has kept the fans constantly on their toes and this album was worth the wait.

Featured Image: Ours Co.

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