Logic Movie-Inspired Music

A Guide to Logic’s Favorite Films And TV Shows Referenced in His Music

2. Star Wars

It’s no secret that Logic admires films that take place in space, especially since his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, is centered on the concept of space and time travel. The album as a whole is an audible cinematic masterpiece and seamlessly merges concepts of the present and the future together.

It’s not shocking that Logic is a huge Star Wars fan as well. It’s notable to mention that, in his 2017 track “Anziety,” he narrates a monologue that he was in line to watch Star Wars when he experienced an intense anxiety attack. The goal of the song was to normalize and bring awareness to anxiety, but we can’t help but appreciate the rapper keeping it real with the detailed description of his film of choice.

In his 2013 mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, he plays with fantasy in his song cleverly titled “Young Jedi” (featuring Dizzy Wright). Obviously, this is referencing Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but we suggest binge-watching all the Star Wars movies, just as Logic would.

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