Cloves "Sicko"

Cloves Characterizes Social Anxiety On New Single “Sicko”

Australian alt/indie artist Cloves recently released a preview of her forthcoming album with a brand new single titled “Sicko.” The chilling track dives deep into the singer’s psyche and depicts what it’s like living with social anxiety on the daily. In an effort to normalize her own struggles, Cloves wrote a song perfect for helping others feel more understood.


Perhaps this isn’t the first time you’ve heard the melody of the catchy chorus. The chorus is actually interpolated from Suzanne Vega’s 1987 single, “Tom’s Diner.” While maintaining the melody, Cloves writes her own lyrics to suit the chilling theme. She sings, “In the corner, on the outside // Lookin’ in, I see a sicko // Starin’ at me on the wrong side (Wrong side) // Won’t be the last time.”

Cloves’ lyrics describe the depersonalization she experiences when in social settings. This can often be compared to viewing life through a looking glass. More formally, depersonalization is the persistent feeling of observing oneself from outside one’s body or feeling as though one’s surroundings aren’t real. In this case, Cloves feels like she’s staring her worst enemy in the eyes — her social anxiety she refers to as “Sicko.”


Recently, Cloves has shared the vulnerable creative process behind writing and recording the new single. She wrote in an Instagram caption, “Sicko is for all my socially anxious butterflies that no exactly what I’m talking about when I say having social anxiety is like a living breathing second personality in your brain narrating and shouting over every social situation and conversation you have to look for problems with it and within yourself! Itssssss exhausting and it’s frustrating and if you get me on this I made sicko for you and for me.”

You can watch the dark, metaphorical music video for “Sicko” below!

Featured Image: Instagram (@clovesdot)

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