Ben Howard Makes Light In “What A Day”

“Where does all the time go?” That’s certainly a universal feeling during our journeys in quarantine! Prior to the expected release of his fourth studio album this March, Ben Howard dropped “What A Day” on January 29, and we are loving it! The London singer-songwriter provides us dreams of spring and light with the new single he teased on social media early last week.

“What A Day” is a little more upbeat than most of his material, with a faster tempo. His voice, paired with light-drums and guitar, results in an intimate track full of light. Howard revealed to NME that this track is the first time “opening the door to production outside him and his band’s closer confine.” Collabs on the album include pianist Thomas Bartlett (St.Vincent), Rob Moose (Bon Iver ‘s long-time string arranger) and Aaron Dessner (of The National and most recently, a collaborator of Taylor Swift).

Howard’s style is majestic with hints of sweetness like honey and acoustics that curate close to magic. He first received praise for his debut, Every Kingdom, in 2011 with popular hits such as “Black Flies,” “Diamonds,” “Only Love” and “Keep Your Head Up,” which appeared on the soundtrack for Safe Haven, based on the Nicholas Sparks’ novel. A few years later, he released I Forget Where We Were, a melancholia account of love and desire, and Noonday Dream, an acrobatic ode to Mother Earth and her powers.

The music video, which was shot in Bulgaria, offers sepia and tan hues of forestry and agriculture while depicting a group of gents out enjoying an afternoon hunting trip. The tables turn when they begin feeling guilty for intruding on the land and wildlife. A little unique, a little Alice-In-Wonderland feel, but very artistic!

Look out for his fourth studio album, Collections of The Whiteout next month. We can’t wait! Until then, sit back, relax, and jam to the first single!

Featured Image: Island Records